Cheri Huber - Zen Student, Teacher, Writer
Cheri Huber - Zen Student, Teacher, Writer
Cheri Huber
Cheri Huber

Cheri Huber, a student and teacher of Zen Awareness Practice, is the author of 24 books, the most recent being Don’t Suffer, Communicate! A Zen Guide to Compassionate Communication, a collaboration with Ashwini Narayanan. Other titles include the widely read There Is Nothing Wrong with You and its sequel What You Practice Is What You Have.

Cheri founded the Zen Monastery Peace Center and Living Compassion, both nonprofits dedicated to peace and service. The Zen Monastery Peace Center offers virtual workshops, email classes, and programs to deepen the practice of Zen Awareness. Living Compassion's primary work is the Africa Vulnerable Children Project in an impoverished slum in Zambia, providing nutrition, education, clean water, basic medical care, and a safe environment for 1,000 children and the resident Living Compassion staff.

Cheri has a weekly Internet based call-in radio show, Open Air. Everyone is invited to listen and participate at

Call in to Open Air and talk to Cheri on Tuesdays at 4.50 pm PST.
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This book offers an explanation of how ego controls communication channels and how we can keep ego out of our conversations. Written in the style of an “Advice Column” where readers send in their communication troubles for guidance, this book offers practical ways to deal with issues that arise around day-to-day communications. Whether it’s a personal problem with communication or communication difficulties with another this book breaks down the process of ego interference and offers a way to restore connection in a humorous and compassionate style.
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Don't Suffer, Communicate!